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Sandler Rules

Here are some of the Sandler Rules straight out of the book from David Sandler adapted by Dave Mattson, Sandler CEO. 

You Have To Learn To Fail, To Win

Don't Spill Your Candy In The Lobby

No Mutual Mystification

A Decision Not To Make A Decision Is A Decision

Don't Buy Back Tomorrow The Product Or Service You Sold Today- Sandler Rule #6

You Never Have To Like Prospecting, You Just Have To Do It- Sandler Rule #7

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When Prospecting, Go For The Appointment- Sandler Rule #8

Develop A Prospecting Awareness- Sandler Rule #10

Money Does Grow On Trees- Sandler Rule #11

Answer Every Question With A Question- Sandler Rule #12

No Mind Reading- Sandler Rule #13

Never Help The Prospect End The Interview- Sandler Rule #19