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I have a little Secret…I LOVE TO JOURNAL! There, I said it. I feel this is an untapped resource for anyone’s success. For a lot who write, it’s taking the future and bringing it into the present. It allows for us to visualize our successes and make them into reality.

For those that may not know, Journaling is, simply put, an avenue for expressing your hopes, fears, dreams; sometimes whatever “head trash” needs to get out of your head, or positive thoughts, beliefs, and aspirations into your head, and put on paper or done digitally.

There is however a stigma for people about journaling. I hear people say, “Isn’t that like writing in a dairy?” Or it might sound like, “My daughter does that, but it’s not for me.” People must understand: Journaling is not just for 13-year-old girls! I hear it from clients all the time, “I know I should do it, but I just don’t have time.” Most people have good intentions and start, but quit after a few months, if not sooner. It’s not a priority for them because they don’t see the value.

I make it a priority each day to write down my affirmations, my gratitude’s, and the things I look to accomplish (3 Things, no more, no less). It has amazing benefits; however, most people don’t understand what they are. Even if they do understand, most don’t know how or where to start.

Therefore, if you are a long time journaler, someone who put it down and wants to pick it up again or someone who just wants to start, here are a couple of ideas and tips to generate a successful journaling “journey”:

1) First rule is there are no rules.
2) Second rule refer to rule one and start writing or typing.
3) Do it every day! Find a time and block it off regularly—a time where you aren’t distracted and make it a priority. Give yourself 20 minutes and just write. Always have it available, even when you are on the road traveling.
4) Learn to think of your journal as a good friend-it’s not judgmental.
5) Here are a couple of ideas to write about—
Goals: What are they? What do I want to achieve and why?
What was the last deep conversation you had with someone? What made it deep and what made you have it?
What’s one place you’d love to go to and why?
My motto for life is…
In 5 years I will be…
What are my wildest dreams?
What defines me?
I could be a better leader if only I could…
6) Write down your problems and solutions—how could you make it better?
7) Writing removes mental blocks and opens the mind to new experiences.
8) Write as if it’s already happened, not in the “Should’s”, “If’s” or “Want to”.
9) Write things in the first person—I or Me.
10) Dig Deep! If you want to choose to pick who you tell. With that said, you may want to keep your privacy to get started, in order for your deeper dive to occur.
11) Write affirmations or beliefs. Here are some examples:
“I’m the best sales person in my company.”
“I’m an action animal.”
“I’m amazing at getting decisions from my prospects.”
“Discussing Money with my prospects is a process I relish.”
“I’m comfortable being Uncomfortable.”

Journaling helps us figure out who we are and who we want to be. It’s an exercise that helps pave the way to continued success. It can help us focus, make better decisions, and assist us in getting “unstuck.” Use this mechanism to take you to new heights.

So, what are some of your favorite topics to write about? What are some of your favorite triggers to discuss? Let us know. Write them in the comment field. Fill us in on what inspires you to success.

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