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Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. | Southfield, Michigan

In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

RJ Burr

REACH Rehab + Chiropractic Performance Center

"Greg and Sandler Training helped me achieve milestones I once perceived as insurmountable. My communication skills have drastically improved to where I don’t know what I would do without them and how I got by previously. Greg has helped me spend my time where it matters most, not wasting it on tasks which make merely keep you busy. I’ve become much better at taking calculated risks and getting out of my comfort zone. As a result, my company grew by more than 60% my first full year with Greg and Sandler."

"Sandler is a long-term relationship. Sure, you can take the classes for one go-around and you have the information. However, it’s the difference between knowing everything you could know about flying an airplane and actual air time – you have to live it and work it every day. The Sandler community does an awesome job sharing, nurturing, and empowering. They are there for you every step of the way to hold you accountable for nothing less than your best, of course, as long as you make the commitment and put in the work."

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Zolman Restoration

Jerry Riggs

"Before Sandler Training, I believed that everyone was my customer and I would never take no as an answer.

Per Gerry Weinberg & Associates, I have been corrected and redirected. They teach "As a salesperson, I have rights too". Not only is "No an acceptable answer" to hear but I too have the right to say "No" and walk away from a "suspect customer". This leaves me with more time to pursue true "prospect customers", who are in need of, and want to pursue, our specialty, restoration services.

At Sandler, we are taught to accomplish this during an initial meeting with a client that we call an "Up Front Contract", which both the customer and the ambassador (myself) are in agreement as to the events that will follow.

I have learned that I cannot help everyone and I can't help to think these insightful concepts and discovery technics through asking important and valuable questions have assisted me in increasing my signing percentage from roughly 25% to nearly 90%. Through a thorough up front evaluation, where I analyze and discover the needs of my client and eliminate suspect customers, I am able to help more customers with my time, while supporting one of our pillar core values at Zolman Restoration where we "Pursue Excellence By Constantly Raising The Bar"."

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Samuel Hoff

Patti Engineering

Industry: Engineering

Samuel Hoff, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Patti Engineering, talks about how his company’s sales more than doubled after Sandler sales training. “In 2007, we were a bunch of really good engineers and really bad salespeople; now we’re the same good engineers but we’re a lot smarter about the sales process.” In 2007 the company did a little less than $3 million in business and spent $1.10 for every dollar it made. Last year it did $7.5 million in business and spent 88¢ for every dollar it made. “My personal income is seven times what it was in 2007,” says Hoff. “That’s living proof of the success of Sandler.”

Paul Hillman


Industry: Technology Consulting

Paul Hillman, Partner at C/D/H talks about his experience with Sandler Training and how Gerry Weinberg & Associates has helped him personally as well as his company. "Sandler helped us in the very first year, really months after I started taking the fundamentals course and had other in our group I was seeing a much improved close rate. We were closing somewhere between 25% and 30% just by better questions and better qualifying. That went up to 35-40%."