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Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. | Southfield, Michigan

Inside Sales &
Customer Service

They're selling—whether you realize it or not.


Customer Care Program

All Customer Care registrants will receive: 10 week program & Sandler Online Customer Care Course with Sandler Resource for Sales

Wednesdays 12:30 -1:30 PM ET | February 1 - April 12

  • Week 1 – “On the Front Lines | Effective Communication”
  • Week 2 – “Comfort Zones”
  • Week 3 – “Upfront Contracts”
  • Week 4 – “Understanding Your Customers (DISC)
  • Week 5 – “Questioning"
  • Week 6 – “Up Selling/Cross Selling"
  • Week 7 – “Telephone and Email Communication"
  • Week 8 – Understanding Our Customers: “TA"
  • Week 9 – “Dealing with Difficult People"
  • Week 10 – “Formula for Success | Client Development Thru Sales"

Learn How to Transform Your Customer Facing Teams

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Elevate your brand reputation and boost sales.

  • Do you have to deal with prospects or customers who are confused, frustrated, or upset?
  • Are you expected to defuse emotionally charged encounters?
  • Do you frequently have to interpret situations and solve problems… even when insufficient information is provided?

If you are a customer service or inside sales representative, the answer is “yes.” You have to do it every day. And, you’re expected to do it calmly and respectfully even when dealing with people who are anything but calm and respectful.

Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Sandler - are consummate sales leaders and professionals. I work with Matt Stephens and all of the coaches are approachable and provide guidance. Matt is experienced and makes you feel as if you are his only client. He challenges me and provides support throughout the process. He responds to my calls, texts, and emails outside of our scheduled coaching sessions, providing technique and mindset adjustments that have yielded new contracts. Somehow I always knew I would work with Sandler; I am privileged to be receiving such high level coaching and be in the company of other successful business owners and sales professionals. Highly recommended!

Chanel F. DeGuzman

Are you wasting money by throwing your customers away?

Recurring revenues come from long-term relationships with your customers. Relationships built from a good foundation with open communication, mutual respect, and good intentions will weather almost any storm.


How confident are you today in your support team’s ability? Will they recognize and grow prospective business opportunities from inside their department?

Sandler has specific strategies and techniques that will enable you to effectively and efficiently deal with difficult people and situations, address customer needs, and solve problems with best-fit solutions while keeping your emotions in check and without in any way “manipulating” the customer.

Get measurable results.

When you become Sandler-certified, you have access to measurable results at every step of the training process. Your progress is documented from competent through proficient to sales mastery.

Experience today's top-performing
sales programs in person or online.