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Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. | Southfield, Michigan


October 26th ♦ 8:30am - 10:00am ET ♦ Choose to attend this complimentary In-person or via Zoom

43% of Sales Managers Do Not Receive Effective Training Prior to Taking the Role

Complimentary training session to help you grow your sales, your sales people and your leadership bench, all at the same time.


In our 90 minutes together, you'll discover:

  • How to empower your sales leaders with behaviors, attitudes and techniques to be successful

  • What to include in your leadership playbook

  • Develop a culture of expectations and accountability 

  • How to use data to make informed decisions

This participatory and interactive session is led by Alana Nicol, Pres. of Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Sandler in Michigan and a certified Sandler instructor and David Mattson, CEO, Sandler Corporate. Attend via Zoom or at our training center in Southfield, MI.

**Attendees will receive a Pre-call Planner Tool, the Sandler Debrief Tool and an opportunity to register for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.

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For the first time in history, our sales teams now consists of Boomers, Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z working side by side.

As the next wave of young leaders move into sales leadership roles, today’s leaders have a responsibility to help them grow and succeed. These multi-generational leadership environments call for new models across sales coaching, training, communications, sales processes, and culture.

This session will walk through each and cover the five keys your organization needs to know to prepare for the evolution of sales leadership as we know it.

President and CEO of Sandler, David Mattson will will guide us on the future of sales leadership.

Which Of These Issues Sound Familiar?

  • Are you frustrated because you are busy doing quotes, proposals and bids that don't turn into business?
  • Are you concerned that too much discounting is affecting your bottom line?
  • Are you disappointed with longer sales cycles?
  • Are you upset with all the unpaid consulting you are doing?
  • Is your prospect's system for buying much stronger than your system for selling?
  • Are you concerned that your salespeople are waiting for business to go back to normal?
  • Worried that your inability to master using technology to sell is limiting ability to close business?

In just 90 minutes, you will learn:

  • How to stop wasting your time with people you will never do business with
  • How to avoid the "call me later" or "send me literature" trap
  • How to stop sounding like your competitors
  • How to sell on value over price

Our clients are partners, collaborators, and, in some cases, friends. I've had the immense pleasure of working with Greg Coyne for many years - he as my client and I as his. Greg's professionalism, knowledge, and caring deeply impact his clients, myself included. It's been an honor to be a small part of his enormous success!

Heather Doering, ACE Strategies

"Greg and Sandler Training helped me achieve milestones I once perceived as insurmountable. My communication skills have drastically improved to where I don't know what I would do without them and how I got by previously. "