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Sales Accountability

Create accountability plans that drive results! 

How do you hold your people accountable?

Sales leaders should be your team's trail guide to success while enjoying complete transparency into the activities that lead to closed sales.

Most leaders can relate to these statements:

  • I'm unsure about what my people are doing every day.
  • I'm frustrated with the need to chase salespeople and their quotas each month.
  • I've had enough of under-motivated salespeople and high team turnover.
  • I am not sure how many appointments or proposals my team needs to make to hit quota.

Learn how to hold salespeople accountable for the behaviors that lead them to success and stop spending your time and energy on things that don't pay off.


Sales Accountability Devices

Behavior Driven Results

Create accountability plans that drive results without driving you or your people crazy so you can stay on track, hit your goals, and have more meaningful coaching conversations with your team.

Our platform will help you:


  • Build success roadmaps
  • Focus on behaviors that lead to consistent results.
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Be more transparent about the activities that lead to more sales

Spending your time and energy on things that don't pay off shouldn't be the norm. When you're off track, our platform allows you to message team members and share insights so you can course-correct. The built-in gamification also makes it fun to compete across your organization while reinforcing the behaviors that improve individual and team performance.

Success Starts Here

Our mission is to positively change the way people think about accountability. By shifting the focus from late-stage, end-of-pipeline, and results-only, Sales Accountability helps people build a winning mindset that accelerates both professional and personal growth. 


At the heart of Sales Accountability is the concept of categorizing your sales and coaching activities into one of 4 categories: Keep, Attain, Recapture/Reinforce, Expand. This behavior segmentation allows users to see where they're spending time so they can ultimately be more efficient with their actions and plan their day more strategically. Then, by also logging sales by KARE type, users can better align efforts with results.

The KARE behavior categorization model is a core tenet of Sandler Training and is a proven method to keep managers and salespeople focused on the right activities for the right types of sales.

Track Activities that Lead to Results

Your Sales Accountability dashboard was designed to make it as simple as possible to log your activities and sales—push buttons. Your activities are right at your fingertips, whether on desktop or mobile, and everything is updated in real time.

Shoot for your daily 100 points. Based on your activities and frequency, Sales Accountability breaks things down into a rough goal of 100 points per day (like hitting your 10K step goal). Celebrate your successes and track your progress over time from your analytics.

Sales Accountability Activities
Sales Accountability Analytics

Analyze Personal and Team Performance in Real-Time

Get the real-time data that salespeople and managers crave. See your entire team’s performance and filter by date ranges, activity type, and more, including comparing those activities to real-time sales data. See the top performers and activities and identify who needs help and coaching before issues arise.


Compete with Yourself or Your Team

The ability to quickly create competitions between teams and individuals helps to gamify the sales process and drives participation. Track activities over time and see how you and your team stack up in a competitive environment. Because all data updates in real time, it’s a great daily or weekly motivational tool to keep everyone focused.


Sales Accountability Leaderboard
Sales Accountability Wins

Wins, Messaging, and More

An in-app messaging feature allows for both public and private conversations and coaching. Managers can keep tabs on their team's wins, make suggestions, and provide motivation in real-time!


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