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Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. | Southfield, Michigan

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  • Frustrated with hiring salespeople who don't know how to sell in today's market.
  • Concerned that pipeline numbers are false or inflated.
  • Tired of giving up margins because salespeople are discounting to get the deal.
  • Wondering if your salespeople have the right prospecting skills.


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What would your business look like if you could double your client base in a few months?

Get on the fast track to sales success


Meet the system that will make your sales process reliable, measurable, and more powerful than your prospect’s.

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What's Included:

2.2017 Sandler Brief

You talk, we listen.

There is no sales pitch, but we may ask you a few questions to determine the best solution for you.

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Assess Your Business Health.

You will get a link to a complimentary assessment that reveals high priority gaps.


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Go/No-Go Decision.

We will decide together if we are a fit. We are not for

Sandler's Systematic Selling will help you to:

Stop "think-it-overs" in their tracks by taking charge of the selling process.

√  Use sophisticated questioning techniques to discover hidden buying motives.

√  Develop a systematic approach to selling that can be used in ANY industry.

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How Much Will It Cost You In Missed Opportunities to Wait?

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See why Business Owners and CEO's love working with us to drive sales results

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Increased my signing percentage from roughly 25% to nearly 90%!

Team Ambassador

"Through a thorough up front evaluation, where I analyze and discover the needs of my client and eliminate suspect customers, I am able to help more customers with my time, while supporting one of our pillar core values at Zolman Restoration where we 'Pursue Excellence By Constantly Raising The Bar'."

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If you are looking to increase your sales this is a MUST program!

Local Guide 

"I have worked many programs over the years and this one is the best of all of them combined... it will make your sales 10 fold if you follow the program! The whole team is supportive and experts at the Sandler System. I highly recommend this training for all sales people and anyone who wants to get better at communicating with others."

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Sandler helped us in the very first year!

Technology Consulting

"Months after I started taking the fundamentals course and had other in our group I was seeing a much improved close rate. We were closing somewhere between 25% and 30% just by better questions and better qualifying. That went up to 35-40%."

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Ready to chat? Find out if Sandler Training by Weinberg & Associates is the right fit for you. Schedule a complimentary strategy session where we can discuss your challenges and uncover the right training strategy for you.

Sandler Training is renowned for bringing out the best in managers, CEOs, Owners, and Sales Professionals while producing huge personal growth in their confidence, courage, and conviction. 

We help companies achieve market dominance through strategies designed to out-market, out-sell, and out-service the competition.  

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