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Old Clients, New Business

Many salespeople focus on getting new clients to generate new business. What many tend to overlook is the fact that you already have new business right in front of you………it’s with your existing clients.

Act Like A Doctor On Your Next Sales Call

With this video sales tip Alana explains how and why it's important to act like a Doctor on your next sales call.

Pre-Call Planning For Success

So many people do no “pre-call” planning before a sales meeting and then wished they had. This is a very common sales mistake that everybody makes from time to time…. even me. With this video, i'll give you some tips you can use to help with your pre-call planning that you can and should implement before your next sales meeting.

Dealing With Difficult Customers In Customer Service

When dealing with difficult customers, it's important to deal with their emotions before we can solve the problem. In this video sales tip, Greg Coyne will give you some tips to help keep your emotions in check while also dealing with your clients emotions.

Tips For Achieving Your Goals

Matt Stephens talks about goal setting and more importantly goal achievement. Get some key tips on what your goals should look like and what it will take for you to achieve them. This video also provides you with some examples of how your goals should be written.

How Your Need For Approval Impacts Your Sales Revenue

Need for approval is the most common weakness found in salespeople yet most people don't realize how much it affects their business. Learn what some of the common need for approval weaknesses are and how to overcome them with this video.

K.A.R.E For Your Clients

This video sales tip is about a tool we use to help clients with their territory and account planning. It is important that you classify your customers and prospects differently depending on what the main objective is for that account.

Sandler Rule #12- Answer Every Question, With A Question

Have you ever been on a sales call where the prospect asked you a question, and as soon as you answered it you wish you hadn't because then you found yourself boxed in? Sandler Rule #12 is a tactic that can help.


Dealing With Different Personality Styles

In this video sales tip, Gerry talks about some of the different personality styles and how to work best with them. People like to work with people like themselves so make sure you take these tips and adapt yourself to the personality styles you are working with for best results.

Prospecting Phone Call Tips

This video sales tip will give you tips on how to generate more appointments while making phone calls. Matt Stephens will give you some necessary beliefs and attitudes that you can begin implementing today.

Sandler Rule #34- Work Smart, Not Hard

With this video sales tip, Greg Coyne will take you through the difference between working smart and working hard. Are you falling into those traps that waste your time or are you having that "all or nothing" mentality? Learn how to work smart, not hard with this Sandler Rule.

Sandler Rule #21- Sell Today, Educate Tomorrow

Watch as Matt Stephens takes you through Sandler Rule #21- Sell Today, Educate Tomorrow. Learn why it's important to not overwhelm your prospect with too much information up front.

5 Strategies To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

For some salespeople, the amount of time it takes to secure an initial appointment with a prospect is excessive. Watch as Gerry Weinberg gives you 5 strategies to help shorten your sales cycle.

Improving Your 30 Second Commercial

This video sales tip is about how to improve your 30 second commercial to be more effective with a prospect. In this short video Greg talks about some key points that you should have in your 30 second commercial along with an example of what one should sound like.

How To Network More Effectively

Most people struggle with being comfortable and asking the right questions when attending networking events. Here are 4 tips on how to be more comfortable at networking events.

Using LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

We get questions all the time from clients who are frustrated because they are on LinkedIn but don't really know how to use it for prospecting and growing their business. This video will provide you with some tips for using LinkedIn to grow your business. Learn about your profile, building your network and how to use the advanced search function to your benefit.