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Why Assess Your Salespeople

Have you ever hired a salesperson that didn't work out?

Hiring sales people who will sell has always been the biggest challenge in sales management. Any resume can look good. Anyone can put on a suit and look good. It's a proven fact that today's growing companies spend too much money hiring the wrong salespeople. In most cases, it takes nearly one year to replace those ineffective people. Restarting the hiring process from scratch wastes time, energy, and thousands of dollars; not to mention the millions of dollars in lost opportunities.

Top Reasons Companies Use A Pre-Employment Sales Screening Test:

  • Identify the ideal salespeople for your company 
  • Simplify the entire recruiting process so it is faster and more accurate
  • Get strong salespeople to call, even in a tight job market
  • Know the most important information about candidates prior to the interview
  • Understand the problems each candidate will encounter in the field before you make them an offer
  • Accurately predict ramp-up time for your sales candidates
  • Confidently make good hiring decisions
  • Know that your selected candidates will sell versus can sell
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Sandler offers a series of assessment tools that not only examine core competencies necessary for success, but also examine the way people think, behave, and apply skills in the work environment. Assessments identify individuals’ strengths and reveal areas for improvement. They help shape training curriculums and identify training solutions that will produce the greatest results. Contact Us for a Sample Assessment or for more information.

Contact us for a Sample Assessment or for more information. 

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