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Being involved wtih Sandler since 2010, I've learned to use a lot of Sandler Rules. We use these Sandler Rules to help guide us into practicing a systematic approach to all aspects of the selling process. There are hundreds of Sandler Rules—not just the ones you see in the books. There is not a day or class that goes by where one isn’t being used.

With that being said, I'll give you 2 of my favorites. Each has a different aspect for why it’s important and how you can use it to better produce in your business and in your everyday life.

Sandler Rule #2: “Don’t Spill Your Candy in the Lobby”

I love this one because my friends and family laugh about how this one sounds. The problem is, in the sales world, it’s a serious matter. Think of all the knowledge and expertise you have in your industry. Think of that expertise and knowledge as an unopened box of candy, like the ones you might buy at a corner store or at the movies.

Jack lost a huge deal because of a sudden, ill-conceived emotional response.

After spending weeks preparing a presentation for Ryan, his biggest prospect, Jack was dumbfounded to hear Ryan say, five minutes into the talk, “The assumptions are all too simplistic here. This slide deck looks like something a five-year-old could have put together.”

Jack’s response to this strange remark was instant – and ill-considered. Intent on proving himself right, and his potential client wrong, he said, “That’s an odd thing to say, Ryan, considering that you and I have met four different times about this project…and there’s not one single syllable in this presentation that you didn’t personally sign off on last week when we went out to lunch to discuss it. Actually, there’s a lot of very hard work here from both sides.”