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Learning from failure is a key component of achieving success. Failure can be a valuable teacher, providing valuable lessons that can help us improve and reach our goals.

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes manage their sales and customer interactions more effectively.

Trade shows can be a great opportunity to network, learn about new products and services, and grow your business. However, they can also be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know how to make the most of your time there.

A good pool of prospects is one of the keys to a successful selling career. Knowing how to prospect effectively keeps a career vital, and is truly the lifeblood of sales. Yet, so many sales professionals overlook the crucial element of having a prospecting plan. With a plan to follow, you can measure your efforts and results.

For some salespeople, the amount of time it takes to secure an initial appointment with a prospect is excessive. For others, the amount of time spent defining and developing the opportunity is extreme. And for many, it’s the amount of time it takes to secure a decision after submitting a proposal of making a presentation that stretches the selling cycle beyond reasonable limits.

Do your salespeople, individually, care whether or not your company is the "Best in the World" or "The Leader in Widget Performance"? Undoubtedly that is important to them, but is that what gets them up in the morning, and keeps them going out in the field?

A major frustration for salespeople is dealing with prospects that can't seem to make a decision. Perhaps the biggest of those frustrations is struggling with prospects who indicate the desire to make a decision (and to do so by a certain date), but when the date rolls around, they invariably need more time.

A good sales plan establishes goals, priorities, timetables, and necessary resources. A sales plan that will achieve your ends has these characteristics:

When you interact with clients, they should be doing at least 70% of the talking, which means you're doing at least 70% of the listening. Listening is crucial for effective sales-it's the only way you'll learn what your prospect or client REALLY needs. Follow these tips for effective listening:

Whether you are talking about your sales career or your personal life, you achieve success as a result of several interrelated factors which fall under three categories: attitude, behavior and technique. Learning a new prospecting approach (technique), for instance, won't ensure you of more business unless you have a plan for implementing that approach (behavior) and the belief (attitude) that it will work for you.