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Alana Nicol

Organizational Excellence consists of what we refer to as “The Six P’s”. This roadmap to excellence includes planning, positions, people, processes, performetrics, and passion. Number four is an oftentimes overlooked, yet extremely important part in creating a thriving organization. This aspect of organizational excellence is called process.

In learning why it is so important to have a selling system, you will also learn that the buyer (prospect) has a system of their own. When the two system’s start engaging one another, it becomes what we call the “Buyer-Seller Dance.”

Organizations of all types often have “blind spots.” These are areas of business that get overlooked, and if they go unseen for too long, can result in a snowball effect of failures.

Last week I was talking with a new client about the excuses his sales people consistently give him when they failed to negotiate and win a deal. The excuse he hears more than any other was “Our price was too high.”

Last week my husband and I were watching house hunters in the evening, as we often do, and the husband and wife were describing each other’s personalities. My husband said to me “ Do you think they coach these people to be opposites?” I told him maybe but there is a good chance they are just different DISC styles.

Not everyone communicates, processes information, or makes decisions the same way. In sales, it is critical for you to understand not only your own communication style but also how to identify your prospects style and adjust accordingly.

Let’s look at an example. Gerry Weinberg is what we consider a high D style in the DISC communication model. This means he is very direct and brief in communication, very ...

Tips for finishing 2017 Strong

Earlier this week I was being interviewed by a writer for an upcoming article and she asked me what advice would I give business leaders on how to end the year strong. Here are 3 tips we discussed:

1. Evaluate your 2017 Goals versus Results

The world of social media is often overwhelming and misunderstood for a lot of sales people. The biggest mistake I see is not maximizing the abilities within LinkedIn®. LinkedIn® should be used as a powerful branding, research and prospecting tool. In preparation for a recent LinkedIn® session, I put together a list of some of my favorite LinkedIn® Strategies to use for growing your business.