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Last week my husband and I were watching house hunters in the evening, as we often do, and the husband and wife were describing each other’s personalities. My husband said to me “ Do you think they coach these people to be opposites?” I told him maybe but there is a good chance they are just different DISC styles.

Not everyone communicates, processes information, or makes decisions the same way. In sales, it is critical for you to understand not only your own communication style, but also how to identify your prospects style and adjust accordingly.

Let’s look at an example. 

Gerry Weinberg is what is considered a high D style in the DISC communication model. This means he is very direct and brief in communication, very decisive and takes risks when making decisions and very big picture, task-focused in his perspective. My style, on the other hand, is an S style in Extended DISC. This means I am laid back, and nurturing in my communication, enjoy teamwork, loyal and fear change. Our styles are very opposite.

Our styles directly impact our buying styles. When Gerry goes about making a major purchase he is very quick to buy and is very decisive. Once he knows the features, qualifications or ROI in what he is looking for; he will make a buying decision without a lot of comparison or consultation from others. Whereas, I tend to be much slower in making a major buying decision; I will want to fully understand how the performance has been previously proven and will often consult others opinions before finalizing my decision.

Why is this important in sales?

Well if I took my natural buying style into my sales process with a D style like Gerry, I am going to extend the sales cycle longer than needed or may even frustrate him so much with the extra information or time that I turn him off altogether.

It is important in sales and in life to understand all 4 of the DISC styles so we can make adjustments to be the most effective with the person we are interacting with.

Here are some good guidelines for understanding each of the 4 styles:

D-Decisive, demanding Direct and Competitive. Use brief communications and focus on the main objective and big picture

I-Sociable, Optimistic, persuasive, impulsive and not detail oriented. Show enthusiasm, let them talk and focus on the positive

S-Laid back, caring, modest, listens well, hates change. Be sure to slow down, deliver on what you say you will and don’t pressure for action.

C-Detail oriented, Logical, analytical and often quiet. Give detailed information, time to think and decide; and doesn’t talk too much.

Which style or styles do you think best describe you? Do you recognize some of the styles in your customers, prospects, and friends? If you want to learn more about identifying styles and how to adjust to become more effective contact us for more information.

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