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As a sales professional, you know that prospecting is a necessity in order to maintain a book of business/pipeline. However, you also know that it is typically one of the most dreaded sales activities. If you are struggling to create and maintain a prospecting plan, you may want to pause and take a close look at your “BAT-ing average”. What are your behaviors, attitudes, and techniques that could currently be helping or hurting your success in prospecting?

Telephones are generally pretty light and compact these days. So why is it that on those days you need to get some prospecting done, the phone seems to weigh 200lbs? What is your ATTITUDE towards prospecting? You might have the belief that “cold calls don’t work these days” or “I don’t have time to prospect”. If your attitude towards prospecting is a negative one, chances are your experience with prospecting will also be a negative one.

Your BEHAVIORS are the actions you take toward your goal. What are your behaviors, or, activities that you are doing on a weekly/monthly basis that are driving your success? Part of creating a plan is to have a good understanding of where you are now vs. where you are trying to go. Being able to measure and track your activities, whether it’s the number of networking events you go to in a month, or how many dials you make on a daily basis, is the only way to know what types of activities are creating the most outcome for you. Once you understand what behaviors you should be focusing on consistently, you can then begin to smooth out any rough edges.

The last piece of understanding your BAT-ing average is your TECHNIQUE. So, you have the right attitude, you’re doing the right behaviors, but how good at those behaviors are you? You may be getting caught in voicemail jail and don’t understand why. Maybe you seem to keep getting blocked by gatekeepers? Learning new techniques to approach each different interaction with could help to close the gap between you and your potential client.


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