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Gerry Weinberg & Associates, Inc. | Southfield, Michigan

Meet Our Sandler Team

We strive to be the best at what we do, and help you to do the same.


Gerry Weinberg

Gerry is one of the fortunate people who actually discovered and made his way to his true niche in life. He found that niche to be in sales training, and his dedication to the Sandler Sales System is unparalleled.

Never satisfied with things that just stay the same, he has an incredible passion for growth. His commitment to helping his clients improve results is never-ending, but he does admit to some frustration if he observes that he is more committed to his client’s growth than the client themselves.

Gerry Weinberg has been called dynamic as well as an over-achiever and exhibits a mental toughness that has yielded over 35 years of success in sales, sales management and business development. Gerry has found that by focusing on buyers and seller’s attitudes and behaviors, not just techniques, Gerry’s clients are able to achieve superior selling results. His track record speaks for itself, as Gerry has helped hundreds of executives, managers and sales professionals triumph over the challenges that inhibit their success.

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Alana Nicol

Alana is a sales and business development expert with extensive, diversified global sales experience. Alana is a results-driven professional, skilled at growing businesses, developing winning sales leadership strategies and customer care best practices.

Alana began her career working for a leading global consumer products company, SC Johnson & Sons, as Team Leader/Packaging Engineer in research and development. She executed several new product launches and cost saving initiatives.

Known for her insight in the area of streamlining success, Alana joined Gerry Weinberg & Associates more than 11 years ago.

Alana helps clients increase productivity and profit by developing high performance behaviors, winning attitudes and superior sales and management techniques. Alana is a dynamic speaker and trainer who is never satisfied with status quo for herself or her clients.

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Matt Stephens

Matt has been actively involved with Sandler Training since 2002.

During his career, he has relied on his Sandler training to not only be a consistent top producer but also to be a coach and mentor for many of his colleagues over the years.

As a Sandler associate, he has helped a number of his companies develop a process for hiring salespeople, and obtain more qualified prospects/ opportunities in a very short period of time.

His success is attributed to his loyal service at a level at which his clients consider him a trusted and valued partner.

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Greg Coyne

Greg joined the Sandler Sales team in June 2012 as a sales trainer and sales force developer.

Greg has been actively involved with Sandler Training since 2009. His almost 10 years of success in sales & business development in the advertising industry has brought him to this point.

As a Sandler Trainer, he looks to help companies and individuals raise their sales to new levels by stopping unpaid consulting and assisting his clients to get out of their own way in their search for success.

Greg is a graduate of Albion College. He resides in Novi, MI with his wife where they are currently planning their next adventure.

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