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Quote I am writing to thank you for bringing me into your program. Last week, I received an order for $2.5 million dollars. Upon reflecting on what led up to this business, I can say without any reservation that it wouldn't have happened without the training, coaching & support that I've received from the Weinberg team. Greg has helped tremendously with his diligent, patient, and persistent approach in his coaching. I was excited when I learned he was joining your team, and he's exceeded every expectation that I had from him coming into his new career. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for all that you and your team have done for me and my family. Quote

Caston Thomas- Inter Work Technology

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Attitude, Behavior and Technique

Whether you are talking about your sales career or your personal life, you achieve success as a result of several interrelated factors which fall under three categories: attitude, behavior and technique. Learning a new prospecting approach (technique), for instance, won't ensure you of more business unless you have a plan for implementing that approach (behavior) and the belief (attitude) that it will work for you.

Attitude has to do with your outlook - the perception you have about yourself, your company, your product or service, and your marketplace. It can be one of possibility, or one of limitation. And, since it's your perception, it's your choice.

Behavior relates to having a systematic approach to the task at hand or step-by-step plan for reaching goals. Haphazard behavior will not take you closer to success, nor will guesswork or lax standards. Don't let yourself off the hook because you're having a bad day or would rather be playing golf.

Technique relates to the application of various skills. It consists of strategies and tactics you use to implement your behaviors.

A successful salesperson realizes that what he or she thinks and feels about the selling process and how he or she behaves during the selling process can greatly affect the outcome of the process. Prior beliefs, judgments and actions that don't support your current goals can sabotage your sales efforts. An attitude and/or behavior adjustment, coupled with proven techniques, can be just the ticket to improving your sales outcomes.

Excerpted from the Sandler training program, President's Club Professional Development Program, Trainer's Guide, © 2000, Sandler Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.



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