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Quote "After 20+ years in advertising sales, I had some deeply ingrained bad habits that I didn't realize were impeding my growth as a sales professional and preventing me from attaining the income I want. Despite myself, I had managed to make a good living but knew I had to -- and wanted to -- make big changes to progress professionally and financially. Gerry Weinberg and the Sandler System provide the ongoing training, support and professional contacts that I have helped me immensely. It's a tough program and challenging (breaking bad habits!) but I know that the pain I've experienced has been vastly outweighed by the strides I have made. I look forward to my continued growth in income and skill level with Gerry on my shoulder along the way. Thanks Gerry!" Linda Holland Multimedia Sales Specialist Metro Parent Publishing Group Quote

The Sandler Online® Platform

Advanced functionality. Robust content. On-demand access.

Sandler Online® is the new gold standard for online sales training and learning reinforcement.

Once you've decided to invest in sales training and management training for your team, what happens to ensure you receive the best return on your training investment? Once again, Sandler shines above the competition! Our online sales training platform helps you realize your training ROI by:

Reinforcing the concepts taught in the classroom

Measuring your team's learning and retention of the training content

Holding your team members accountable to ensure that they are on-board and actively participating in their training and development

Sandler Online® provides the flexibility of on-demand information access and the cost effectiveness of electronic content — both critical to managing a long-term investment in training your sales team, whether they are centrally located or spread across the world. We’re proud to offer this sophisticated online learning environment to our clients in addition to our other training tools and sales training apps.

Below are a few additional highlights of our online sales training platform. We invite you to contact us to learn more about this innovative tool.

Robust content – a significant breadth and depth of content is available and customized to address your ever-changing training needs

Assessment and monitoring – our unique testing and tracking software verifies the training achievements of your sales and management professionals and identifies knowledge gaps that present future training opportunities

Reporting dashboards – create customizable reports to give your managers instant access to the data they need to assess their teams

Social collaboration – let your team stay connected to each other and their Sandler trainer throughout the training process with discussion rooms and learning communities