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Quote "Although it's certainly true that I have profited greatly from learning and implementing your selling system, our work has led to so much more. I know that your system has helped me become a better leader of my sales team. I have grown professionally and become a more effective manager, as well." Quote

Ken Alter Area Sales Manager

  There Are No Bad Prospects, Only Bad Salespeople
-Sandler Rule #41

Which of These Sins Affect Your Business?
What is it costing you to continue to live with them?

SIN- Failing to Prospect for NEW business
SIN- Talking Too Much On Sales Calls
SIN- Doing Unpaid Consulting
SIN- Discounting to Win the Business
SIN- Accepting "Think-It Overs"

If you are a Business Owner, President or Senior Sales Executive and any of these issues seem to hit home, you owe it to yourself and your team to attend this Business Leaders Workshop:
"7 Deadly Sins of Sales....and What To Do About Them"

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  Dividing Dots  

Gerry Weinberg & Associates Inc., an authorized licensee of Sandler Training, is one of Michigan's most respected experts in Sales and Management. Gerry and his team specialize in working closely with business leaders and their most important asset, their sales team.
   Seating is limited to 25 Business Owners, Presidents, Senior Managers